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Custom job taxonomy

Custom job taxonomy service is integrated with SpiderMount job wrapping solution. It is configured to identify unique client category/industry listing based on job titles and keywords.


Custom job taxonomy is an alternative to SpiderMount generic job taxonomy service, which maps job titles with the predefined list of high level industry categories. In some cases generic job taxonomy might be insufficient so custom set of rules is configured to map bespoke niche job listings with specific categories.


Custom job taxonomy service is extra service that can be activated for job wrapping clients. It requires initial custom mapping rules set-up. Job titles are mapped with client’s industry/category list based on unique keywords within job titles and predefined mapping rules.


Example of custom categories list:

  • CareGiver
  • Chaplains
  • Clinical Management
  • CNA/ CMA
  • Coder
  • Coordinator/Counselor
  • Customer Service
  • Dietician
  • Education/Training
  • Hospice Bereavement
  • Human Resources
  • Intake Coordinator
  • Legal/Regulatory Affairs
  • Liaison
  • Management – Executive Director- CEO
  • Medical Director
  • Nurse Practitioner – ANP
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Personal Care Attendant
  • Physical Therapist


Read more about job taxonomy service by SpiderMount or request a quote:

Generic job taxonomy included with job wrapping

SpiderMount job wrapping service includes standard job taxonomy feature built-in. Job taxonomy automatically defines job category/industry based on job titles and keywords.


Generic job taxonomy included into the job wrapping standard service maps jobs with the predefined list of high level industry categories. Generic categories are mapped with job board’s sector/industry list.


SpiderMount recognizes uncategorized jobs from the scraped list and sets relevant category from generic industry list with further update in posting feed. Generic option does not require custom job title mappings provided by client, but uses generic mappings for 40 top level industry categories matched to client listings.
Alternatively, a custom taxonomy service can be configured if genetic taxonomy is not sufficient for correct category mapping.


Generic high-level industry categories listing:







                Customer Service







                Human Resources


                Law Enforcement/Security






                Real Estate

                Restaurant/Food Service





                Upper Management/Consulting






                Personal Service






                Project Management

                Public Sector


For more information, please contact SpiderMount team.


Learn more about job taxonomy service:


Job distribution / bulk posting to job boards via job wrapping service

SpiderMount powers job distribution from ATS listing, XML/CSV file or job board listing by providing bulk job posting to various job boards and aggregators.




Job distribution, a part of job marketing, is a way for recruiters to distribute openings among employment websites. Job distribution online service typically automatically post employer job listing to number of job boards and job aggregators in the website specific format.


Job wrapping service is used to broadcast vacancies in order to attract qualified candidates from job boards, job search engines, career sites, niche career centers or other destinations.


SpiderMount powers job distribution for job boards and employer career sites:

  • – Receives XML feed from your job listing or scapes jobs from a source site
  • – Converts XML into the required target job board format
  • – Posts new XML feeds to the required destination or provides URL for job board to download XML feed from


SpiderMount posts jobs XML via bulk posting interface used by popular job distribution services, i.e. Broadbean, Idibu. Jobs XML is customized as per client recipient database fields & values.


Schedule posting interface.

SpiderMount job wrapping service might be scheduled to distribute jobs on regular basis: daily or as per custom time intervals. Recruiters do not have to manually start the service. All jobs will be delivered without required client’s involvement.


Distribute selected job openings

Set up keywords based filters to only process desired jobs. Post only specific jobs to the niche employment websites and promote only relevant content.


Correct formating

Clear extensive HTML formatting from your XML feed and convert your XML feed to the destination database required format. Employers might also post vacancies with altered content, i.e post anonymous jobs.


Learn more about job wrapping service:

Replicate jobs to post to multiple locations and categories

SpiderMount can duplicate any vacancy and post multiple jobs altering selected field, i.e. location, job type etc. Therefore one does not have to copy jobs manually and change fields. Spider generates multiple jobs by adding extra locations or other data to original single job content.


Job boards and aggregators requiring same job to be posted separately to appear in candidate search for each specific location benefit from spider replication tool. Job scraping software will replicate original job content adding relevant location and post it to the job aggregator. Normally this feature is used by job boards and aggregators that do not support multiple searchable location selection for one vacancy.


For example, employer has a developer opening in London and a list of new job titles and locations where the opening is available as well. SpiderMount saves employer’s time by simply duplicating vacancy and altering title and location field. Afterward spider will post number of openings to job distribution platform.


job replication feature by job scraping software


Learn more about job scraping features.

Properties data scraping with SpiderMount software

Data wrapping service by SpiderMount is a web based data scraping tool, which has a variety of business applications. Among others, SpiderMount wrapping software may be used for scraping properties (i.e real estate) data from different source sites and automatic posting to the specialized board or saved in XML/CSV format.


Properties data scraping with SpiderMount software


SpiderMount wrapping service spiders and extracts web-based real estate data, cleans up formatting and saves / auto-posts in XML or CSV format.


Features for properties data wrapping:

  • Scrapes estate information from websites (HTML or XML) or via FTP.
  • Incremental scraping feature downloads only new entities.
  • Filter pages by keywords so only relevant data is scraped.
  • Auto-replace keywords in content & clean up the formatting.
  • Keywords auto-replacement & html formatting cleanup.
  • Schedule hourly, daily or weekly spidering / posting sessions.
  • Auto-post via XML/CSV to single or multiple destinations.
  • Custom website API configuration for auto-posting
  • Post to HTTP interface, via API, SOAP, to FTP or email.


SpiderMount properties (real estate) scraping service ensures:

  1. Confidence in delivery
  2. Seamless support
  3. Effortless integration


Do not hesitate to request more information or schedule a demo.


Read more about job wrapping and resume scraping.


Automated posting to Amazon S3 bucket

SpiderMount adds new job wrapping output option to Amazon S3 bucket. Now, in addition to uploading scraped jobs file to recipient API, FTP or sFTP folder, or getting a direct link with XML or CSV file, job wrapping results can be uploaded directly to Amazon cloud storage.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a secure, durable, highly-scalable cloud storage, with a web service interface to store and retrieve data.


Learn more about automatic posting options:

Automatic Job Posting Options Overview PDF

Automatic posting to WordPress job board via WPAllImport plugin


CSV files scraping feature added

SpiderMount can now source jobs from CSV files. Jobs data can be converted, cleaned and enhanced to be posted automatically to recipient job board API via XML or other means.

Job wrapping service automates job posting by downloading CSV file from dropbox or other URL, FTP, or from the spider folder. Original CSV file can be of any format, i.e. columns, content.

CSV file preview
Resume data scraping:

Resumes exported via CSV can also be automatically parsed and posted to target recruitment database, i.e. ATS.

Resumes scraping

SpiderMount data wrapping service may be used for resume data scraping, conversion and posting to the recruitment database. Update resumes from multiple sources, i.e. job boards and employment websites to keep all the application data in one database and format.


Structure wrapped resume data for better and faster application analysis. Benefit from faster and convenient candidate search.


SpiderMount resume wrapping service ensures:

  1. Confidence in delivery: comprehensive resume extraction coverage and high accuracy.
  2. Seamless support: client’s resources are freed from daily checks by SpiderMount automated monitoring & support team.
  3. Effortless integration: resume scraping service connects to job board & ATS APIs, proprietary systems.




SpiderMount features for resume wrapping:

           Scrapes resumes from websites (HTML or XML), ATS or via FTP.

           Incremental scraping feature only downloads new entities.

           Scraping under logged in account.

           Auto-replace keywords in content & clean up the formatting.

           Schedule regular spidering / posting sessions.

           Auto-post via XML or CSV to single or multiple websites/databases.

           Post to HTTP interface, via API, SOAP, to FTP or email.


SpiderMount easily integrates with wide range of job boards software and other job posting platforms.


Contact us for more information and demo.

Easy preview & verification for scraped jobs XML

SpiderMount releases preview feature for its job scraping service. Latest update is aimed to simplify verification and approval for new job scrapes configured. Easy preview allows to verify scraped job description formatting, i.e. line spacing, bold fonts, paragraphs, bullet points, etc, as well as fields mapping.


Comparing to standard XML view, HTML preview does not require additional parsing or specific knowledge: user can validate configuration of the scraped data in one click. Easy to understand preview drastically decreases time spent on new job scraping results approval.


Standard XML feed



HTML preview



First 750 chars of job description provide reasonable preview to check formatting and get an idea on what title job description relates to. Whilst keeping job listing in a concise format for quick job scrolling within browser window. Moreover preview is a real time conversion of a live XML file. Therefore it always displays exact content offered by XML file.


Create jobs XML feeds for job boards & aggregators

SpiderMount provide an opportunity to publish your jobs via XML feeds (syndicate or broadcast) to aggregator websites and other job boards: Indeed, Oodle, Simplyhired, Trovit, Juju, Jooble, Adzuna etc.


Job wrapping software scrapes vacancies data from your job website and configures jobs into requested format.  SpiderMount job wrapping service then adds unique ID to the job and maps fields according to aggregator website requirements.


Resulting Indeed feed abstract, posted by job board software (sample screenshot):



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