High Precision Job Scraping

High Precision Job Wrapping  

Professional job wrapping service for accurate job posting. 

Intelligent job scraping monitoring. Job wrapping features.


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Precise and effortless job scraping: we take care of all job scraping and posting issues. Our clients can rest assured that all jobs are copied and posted to target job board. If source site makes a change preventing a job from being scraped and posted correctly - our system reports the issue and our support team resolves it. What is job wrapping?


SpiderMount job wrapping advantages:

  • Accurate and compherensive job scraping from employer career sites and ATS's. 
  • Job wrapping quality control and job posting monitoring.
  • Automated jobs taxonomy based on job titles, keywords
  • Vacancy synchronization: jobs database mirroring with source site.
  • Jobs format conversion, matching to target database.
  • Daily & custom scraping days/time intervals for scheduling. 
  • Keyword filtering, vacancy content clean up, selective jobs scraping. 

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Companies using SpiderMount job wrapping:
Job wrapping clients

What is job wrapping?
copying jobs from employer career site to post to job board:

Job Spider Chart

Job wrapping software features:

  • Spider vacancies from career sites, ATS listings or download via FTP.
  • Spider jobs from XML, CSV files.
  • Incremental spidering for new vacancies spidering only. 
  • Filtering by keywords: spider only selected openings. 
  • Post via XML or CSV to single or multiple websites.
  • Post via HTTP, sFTP, Amazon S3, email send or fetch jobs from spider URL.
  • Correct HTML formatting, replace content, clean up text formatting.
  • Custom spidering for complex source websites scraping.
  • Output job XML feeds for importing to job aggregators, i.e. Indeed, Glassdoor
  • Job taxonomy service for online industry data mapping.

More info:
Download job wrapping service brochure.PDF
Download Auto Posting Options.PDF.
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Job Wrapping For Job Boards White Paper 

Download Job Wrapping For Job Boards White Paper
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