Resumes scraping

SpiderMount data wrapping service may be used for resume data scraping, conversion and posting to the recruitment database. Update resumes from multiple sources, i.e. job boards and employment websites to keep all the application data in one database and format.

Structure wrapped resume data for better and faster application analysis. Benefit from faster and convenient candidate search.

SpiderMount resume wrapping service ensures:

  1. Confidence in delivery: comprehensive resume extraction coverage and high accuracy.
  2. Seamless support: client’s resources are freed from daily checks by SpiderMount automated monitoring & support team.
  3. Effortless integration: resume scraping service connects to job board & ATS APIs, proprietary systems.

SpiderMount features for resume wrapping:

  • Scrapes resumes from websites (HTML or XML), ATS or via FTP.
  • Incremental scraping feature only downloads new entities.
  • Scraping under logged in account.
  • Auto-replace keywords in content & clean up the formatting.
  • Schedule regular spidering / posting sessions.
  • Auto-post via XML or CSV to single or multiple websites/databases.
  • Post to HTTP interface, via API, SOAP, to FTP or email.
  • SpiderMount easily integrates with wide range of job boards software and other job posting platforms.

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