Job wrapping process in detail

What is job wrapping?

Job wrapping or scraping is a process of copying jobs from employer site or ATS, converting jobs to required format and posting resulting vacancies to job board database

Job spider technology downloads (scrapes) all or selected jobs from employer website or ATS. Job spider extracts job content from source vacancy pages, converts into an XML or other job board friendly format and posts to recipient (job board) database API.

Step 1. Spider runs job search on employer website and browses job listings:

  • Scrape all jobs or specify search criteria
  • Schedule daily or weekly spidering
  • Filter out by desired / non-desired keywords
  • Synchronize jobs: download new ones, track updates and remove expired jobs


Job search form and results listing example:
Job wrapping - job listing

Step 2. HTML is downloaded for each posting and job data is extracted:

  • Contents of the job fields is parsed (as text or HTML)
  • Parsed data is mapped with your job board database listings for precise posting
  • Job description content & HTML tags are cleaned up, non-desired keywords replaced remove expired jobs

Job advert example:
HTML source example:

Step 3. Job data is saved into XML or CSV file and posted to your job board:

  • Recipient job board XML or CSV data format is mapped with job data extracted
  • Jobs can be posted via HTTP, SOAP, FTP, Amazon S3 or emailed to your posting accountScrape all jobs or specify search criteria


Job XML example:

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