Additional services

Aspen Technology Labs introduces its expanded jobs data management suite for job boards, corporate employers, recruitment advertising agencies, media companies, and recruitment technology firms.

Jobs Enhancement

This is an extension of our Webspidermount product. Jobs Enhancement collects a multi-employer job feed, and runs it through our enhancement engine to clean, categorize, geocode, format, remove emails or phone numbers, etc the jobs data to fit the specific needs of your site and your customers. For instance, perhaps a job feed has categorization that doesn’t match your system, no categorization at all, or jobs/applies are being lost because of bad or missing data, or email addresses or phone numbers need to be removed. Jobs Enhancement takes a multi-employer feed, cleans it and sends it back for proper display. Our customers tell us that cleaner jobs data results in higher clicks, more applications, and enhanced visitor experience.

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Jobs Taxonomy

Jobs Taxonomy is aimed towards automated industry/category recognition. Jobs Taxonomy is an online service that analizes jobs content and maps industry sector/category data based on available job information.

This new service can be easily integrated into your current job wrapping software.
There are two integration options available for the jobs taxonomy solution from SpiderMount.


Option 1: Jobs Taxonomy API.

Job boards, ATSes, online recruitment services can send jobs XML data to JobsTaxonomy API and obtain Industry category IDs mapped to jobs.




Option 2: Bundle With Job Wrapping service

SpiderMount job spidering service in combination with Jobs Taxonomy scrapes jobs from employers’ websites lacking Industry Category listings and automatically defines relevant job industry sector/category with a further update of the scraped data.



SpiderMount provides two options of jobs taxonomy: generic and custom.
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Jobs Index

Aspen Tech Labs builds and maintains industry job indexes, which include hundreds of thousands of jobs, updated daily, from top firms in industries including financial services, healthcare, transportation and others. Uses of this data include backfill for niche job boards (see the related article on why backfill is a bad idea), competitive intelligence, and public relations.

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Jobs Reporting and Analytics

Given our expertise in jobs data management, we have developed a service including customer reporting and analytics. This can be specialized reporting from your partners, or competitive intelligence, or most any other jobs data reporting need. If you have a jobs data management reporting or analytics need, please contact us for a free trial.

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