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Competitive Analysis


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What’s the value?

Gather information about your competitors

  • Who are your competitors hiring?
  • Where are your competitors hiring?
  • What are your competitors’ salaries?
  • How do your competitors’ salaries change over time?

Analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn what your competitors are missing in their job listings
  • Learn what your competitors are doing well at in the hiring space

Understand the marketplace you operate in

  • Which industries and employers are adding jobs?
  • Which industries and employers are losing jobs?
  • Which cities are hotbeds for certain positions?

Determine your competitive advantage

  • Salary comparisons between competitors
  • Job title comparisons between competitors

Easy-to-use platform

  • Provides you with access to real-time wage data and insights so you can make informed business decisions

What’s Included?

Data from live job postings updated twice per day

Select multiple employers side-by-side

Visualizations that display how your competitors’ data changes over time

See data broken down at the job title level

Slice the data using a variety of fields

Custom delivery format including interactive dashboards or raw data via an API

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