Job scraping

Benefits for job board customers
Recruiters save manual posting time, reach candidates faster and optimize advertising budget (timely posting and jobs expiry) by using job scraping service offered by a job board. Job scraping simplifies jobs distribution by seamlessly synchronizing Employer job listings with job board.

Transparent quality monitoring and proactive support
Our Client Dashboard provides full visibility and control of job scraping and posting processes. Intelligent monitoring system automatically identifies even minor deviations from normal scraping results. Dedicated support team proactively resolves arising issues to ensure jobs delivery.

Job data improvement
Scraped jobs content is filtered, converted and cleaned up to comply with recipient job board database format. Category, location and other data is mapped with required settings. Job taxonomy is used to identify and supply correct industry category information.

Free trial

WebSpiderMount offers a free trial for new customers. There are no long-term contracts. Job scraping service is priced based on number of source sites scraped regardless of the number of jobs per source.


Our clients

WebSpiderMount job scraping software clients

Job scraping by WebSpiderMount


High precision job wrapping: WebSpiderMount scraping technology and dedicated support team provide comprehensive scraping and accurate job content extraction. Jobs delivery and content conversion quality are monitored and reported in real time via out Client Dashboard. Multiple verification checkpoints are in place. Resulting alerts and warnings are proactively processed by WebSpiderMount support to ensure correct job posting.

WebSpiderMount job scraping service provides automatic job updates to job boards and online recruitment businesses. Jobs are scraped from employer sites and ATSes, converted to job board format and delivered via XML or automatically posted via API.