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Aspen Tech Labs is a global leader in recruitment advertising technology and web data management services. We provide technology, tools, web scraping, data, business intelligence, and analytics to support our customers worldwide.

As part of our data offering, Aspen Technology Labs builds and maintains one of the largest sources of real time job market data (eg vacancies), as well as analytics about the employment industry.

Our insights are a quick and simple way to acquire access to unique job information that you care about – whether that’s historically, by region, or industry. 

We have access to over 9M+ jobs globally, and our jobs pool is monitored, updated, and growing daily. 

How does Job Market Pulse work?

You can use the jobs data you receive to power internal functions and help you understand the employment market.

We share examples of jobs data on our social media pages and in our newsletter. Such as, % of remote jobs and changes, jobs growth by country, interesting data trends, and more. You can sign up using the link to stay up to date on the latest information we discover that is currently affecting the industry.

What’s the value?

Identify trends

  • By employer, industry, location

Determine the effects on geographical location

  • What cities/states/regions are adding or subtracting jobs?
  • Where are employers hiring?

Compare salary compensation

  • By employer, industry, geography, among competitors

Analyze historical job postings to learn

  • How have salaries changed over time for the same jobs? 
  • How have salaries responded to high inflation rates? 
  • Which job positions are hard to fill?

Regulate compliance within the industry

  • Are employers adhering to state regulations, such as publishing salary information?

Wage Benchmarking

Our new wage benchmarking tool allows you to compare salaries across metropolitan areas, job titles, and employers using advertised posting rates.

What’s Included?

Real time data

  • Salary data for live job postings is updated twice per day

Advertised rates

  • See exactly what companies pay
  • Our advanced salary parser pulls compensation from listings

Market to market comparisons

  • Compare salaries of various markets such as country, state, metropolitan areas, city, or postal code

Direct access to the source URL

  • Determine the source type (company or agency) 
  • See the exact listing we are pulling the data from

Custom analysis

  • Slice the data using a wide variety of fields
  • Custom delivery format including interactive dashboards or raw data via an API

Use Cases

One of our clients wanted to understand which companies were actively hiring in their industry, so their sales team could be proactive and reach out to these companies right away. Aspen Tech Labs started to monitor a list of companies, reporting on daily additions to job postings, providing valuable jobs data to support the client’s sales initiatives.

One of our clients wanted to understand which employers were hiring in their markets, and how much they were offering to pay for certain roles.  In this situation, the client selected their hiring competitors, and we monitored their job postings.  For instance, UPS and Costco don’t compete directly, except when it comes to hiring, they absolutely do compete for talent. Knowing what your talent competition is offering in terms of compensation is extremely valuable business intelligence.

Why Aspen Tech Labs?

Our team is composed of data experts who collect, clean, monitor, and update data for 120,000+  corporate career sites. Our experience orchestrating data at this scale is unrivaled. In addition to helping you customize data delivery to meet your ongoing needs, we offer consulting services. 

Behind the scenes, we monitor job postings daily to ensure that all the data you receive is accurate and up to date. 

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