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What’s the value?

Identify trends

  • By employer, industry, location

Determine the effects on geographical location

  • What cities/states/regions are adding or subtracting jobs?
  • Where are employers hiring?

Compare salary compensation

  • By employer, industry, geography, among competitors

Analyze historical job postings to learn

  • How have salaries changed over time for the same jobs?
  • How have salaries responded to high inflation rates?
  • Which job positions are hard to fill?

Regulate compliance within the industry

  • Are employers adhering to state regulations, such as publishing salary information?

What’s Included?

Competitive Analysis

  • Compare multiple employers side by side by number of vacancies, job titles, and metro
  • Stay ahead of the competition by identifying emerging job trends before they become
  • Determine if your company is offering competitive wages

Data Download

  • Make data-driven decisions about hiring and compensation based on real-time market data
  • Quickly and easily analyze data and trends through a curated catalog of jobs
  • View live and/or historical data depending on your use case

Jobs Explore

  • Review vacancies by job title to understand today’s vibrant labor landscape
  • Look through hundreds of job titles to learn more about the total number vacancies,
    vacancies with salary data, vacancy trends, top employers by vacancies, and much more
  • Determine what jobs are hard to fill and where is best to create new jobs

Market Analysis

  • Compare multiple metro markets, states, cities, or zip codes side-by-side.
  • Learn about the number of vacancies, job titles, salaries, and trends within these
  • If you’re starting a business or opening a new location, discover what you have to pay
    to attract talent

Wage Benchmarking

  • Make data-driven decisions about hiring and compensation based on real-time market data
  • See exactly what companies pay
  • Our advanced salary parser pulls compensation directly from job postings. We can help
    you compare salaries across states, metropolitan areas, cities, or postal codes using
    advertised positing rates

Included in All Features

  • Live job postings updated twice per day
  • Historical job postings from 2022 and beyond
  • Ability to view any combination of titles, industries, regions, and employers

Use Cases

Problem: One of our customers wanted to understand which companies were actively hiring in their industry.

Solution:Aspen Tech Labs started to monitor a list of companies, reporting on daily additions to job postings, providing valuable jobs data to support the client’s sales initiatives.

Problem: One of our clients wanted to understand which employers were hiring in their markets, and how much they were offering to pay for certain roles.

Solution:Our customer selected their hiring competitors, and we monitored their job postings.  For instance, UPS and Costco don’t compete directly, except when it comes to hiring, they absolutely do compete for talent. Knowing what your talent competition is offering in terms of compensation is extremely valuable.

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