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Jobs Enhancement

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This is an extension of our WebSpiderMount product. Jobs Enhancement collects a multi-employer job feed, and runs it through our enhancement engine to clean, categorize, geocode, format, remove emails or phone numbers, etc the jobs data to fit the specific needs of your site and your customers. For instance, perhaps a job feed has categorization that doesn’t match your system, no categorization at all, or jobs/applies are being lost because of bad or missing data, or email addresses or phone numbers need to be removed. Jobs Enhancement takes a multi-employer feed, cleans it and sends it back for proper display. Our customers tell us that cleaner jobs data results in higher clicks, more applications, and enhanced visitor experience.

Contact parser – the tool allows us to identify and extract phone number and emails from any text-based field (job description, job title, special text fields, etc.)

The retrieved information can then easily be exported to individual fields for better recognition.

Salary parser – this tool allows us to detect a salary in any provided text. The system recognizes and easily extracts all the most popular currencies (USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, etc.), digits and time periods associated with salary range (hourly, monthly, yearly, etc.)

Any salary data received after this process can be converted into an hourly rate and posted separately in its individual field (e.g. $500 per week → $12.50 per hour).

Additionally, the salary parser tool can identify sign on bonuses and separate them from actual salary data.

Shifts parser – this tool allows us to extract and normalize job shifts (early shift = 1st shift, day shift = 2nd shift), working schedules (Mon-Fri), working hours (from 8 AM to 5 PM) and job types (full time, part time, etc.)

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