Jobs Flow

Aspen Tech Labs helps companies distribute their job postings to advertising partners globally period, top firms as well as niche firms. One advantage of this service is our real-time monitoring/alert system to ensure that your jobs are being properly distributed to and displayed by the advertising platforms for which you are paying. 


What type of data format is required to start? Do I need my IT department involved?
Actually nothing specific as we can handle virtually any type of incoming data whether it’s your ATS, your career site, some type of XML file or even a CSV file uploaded to Dropbox. No IT involvement is required. We do it all.
All languages are supported.


Where jobs can be distributed to.
We support many endpoints (eg job boards). Some examples are:

  • Job aggregators like Monster or Ziprecruiter, free or commercial job boards such as Dice and other.
  • Google for Jobs and niche job boards such as
  • Facebook Marketplace and other social networks.
  • Custom APIs, 3rd party multi-posting interfaces etc.

Tell us about your challenges.


Do I have to specify endpoints for each job?
No, we can apply rules for automation, on an endpoint specific basis. Examples are:

  • All Full-time jobs in Boston should be distributed to endpoint A., or
  • All nursing jobs should be distributed to endpoint B, except the daily limit is 50 jobs, and always take the most recent 50 jobs, or
  • All jobs with word “marketing” should be distributed to all endpoints always, etc, and
  • Make sure my jobs are showing up on Google for Jobs


Can I set up custom rules for job distribution?
Yes, it’s also possible to setup a targeted distribution rule, custom to specific jobs or endpoints.


How can I be sure it’s running?
We run more than 30 real-time automated checks to ensure your jobs data flow is uninterrupted period. In the case of any issues, there is a dedicated support person to apply required fixes.
Status and statistics are reported on your dashboard, including email notifications, ticket management etc. Request for free demo to see it in action.


What else might be helpful?
Perhaps jobs data enhancement. Our service can enhance or validate your jobs. For instance, we can apply tracking codes, clean up or improve job formatting or job titles, enrich incoming data by adding mapping, geocoding, categorization, etc.
Or tell us how we can help your business with jobs distribution.