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The recruitment advertising industry has developed into a complex web of inter-related jobs/aggregator sites providing job adverts, job alerts, mobile applies, cross-posting, and pay-per-click. Corporate jobs are often posted on dozens of sites, creating a negative branding and candidate experience as the applicant navigates from one site to another, often providing personal information on the way to (hopefully) an eventual apply on the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Powerhouses Google for Jobs and now Facebook Jobs are improving the user experience by streamlining search and even the apply process. It is critical to get your jobs on Google for Jobs and Facebook Jobs.

JobsControl solves two primary issues:

  1. Ensures that candidates can FIND “my company” jobs on Google and Facebook, even as Google and Facebook regularly update their indexing requirements.
  2. Monitors and reports WHERE exactly “my company” jobs are being posted, and fixes discrepancies by eliminating jobs from undesirable platforms, and correcting jobs on approved partners.

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Aspen Tech Labs has introduced JobsControl, a jobs management service to help companies and their recruitment advertising agencies better manage their jobs across the web. Our JobsControlAlerts system monitors your jobs, and notifies you when something needs your attention. We send weekly “JobsControl Greenlight” messages letting you know that all is well.

Take control of your jobs and brand. JobsControl, brought to you by the leader in the jobs data management industry, Aspen Technology Labs, Inc.

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