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Wage Benchmarking

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What’s the value?

Set Salaries

  • Set a competitive salary for new job postings for your organization
  • We take into account cost of living, experience levels of workers, and other benefits offered by

Compare wages from real time job postings

  • Across industries, job titles, geographies, and more

Regulate compliance within the industry

  • Learn what employers are adhering to state regulations to publish salary information
  • We provide guidance on how employers can remain competitive while maintaining compliance with
    local salary regulations

Identify salary trends overtime

  • Quarter to quarter or month to month, we can slice the data in a wide variety of ways

Easy-to-use platform

  • Provides you with access to real-time wage data and insights so you can make informed business

What’s Included?

Salary data for live job postings updated twice per day

See exactly what companies pay

Our advanced salary parser pulls compensation from listings

Compare salaries of various markets such as country, state, metropolitan areas, city, or postal codes

Determine the source type (company or agency)

See the exact listing we are pulling the data from

Slice the data using a variety of fields

Custom delivery format including interactive dashboards or raw data via an API

Walk-Through Video

Take a look at this video that walks you through wage benchmarking on the customized dashboard

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