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Real-time job wrapping for recruitment advertising

Recruiters reach candidates faster, optimize advertising budgets and save manual posting time by using real-time job wrapping. SpiderMount real-time scraping expedites jobs delivery by tracking employer career site or ATS job listings and mirroring updates with job boards, social networks, job distribution and advertising mediums.

Real-time job wrapping

Applications in minutes and increased job advert visibility
Real-time scraping reduces new jobs distribution lag. Job listings reach advertising and job distribution mediums faster and generate applications in minutes after an original advert is posted to an ATS or a career site.

Reduced expired listings removal lag
Better budget control and improved candidate experience with less traffic to expired jobs.

Better recruiters experience
Recruiters enjoy a fully synchronized environment between original ATS, website and job distribution systems. Job wrapping saves manual posting, content conversion and 3rd party job boards category mapping time.

Improved content and consistency
Job adverts are converted into multiple target mediums formats while preserving consistent look, application, and statistics tracking options.

Free trial
SpiderMount offers a free trial for both real-time jobs refresh and normal daily sync between employer career site / ATS and target job boards / job distribution mediums. There are no long-term contracts. Job wrapping service is priced based on the number of source websites and target mediums synchronized regardless of the number of jobs per source site.

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