Take control of your job postings
including posting jobs to Google for Jobs and Facebook Jobs

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High-precision job wrapping.
Real-time scraping.
Client dashboard. Improved jobs content.
Quality monitoring and dedicated support.
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High precision job wrapping

SpiderMount sets new quality standard
for job wrapping service: professional
and accurate job content extraction,
comprehensive jobs coverage,
data conversion and verification.

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Jobs delivery monitoring

Sophisticated reports and dedicated support
service. Proactive and seamless resolution
of job scraping and posting problems.
Our clients can rest assured that all jobs
are copied and posted to target job board.

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Real-time scraping & jobs refresh


Take control of your job postings
including posting jobs to Google for Jobs and Facebook Jobs



  • "SpiderMount job wrapping service is a strategic tool for integration, and Aspen Tech Labs provides high levels of service."

    John Brennan,

    "We love your service. You are so efficient & responsive. How easy, efficient & high quality dependability you have made it for us!"

    Faith Rothberg,

    The service team is very capable and eager to help. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to anyone."

    Ken Beller,

  • "The team is efficient, friendly and competent. The software is feature-rich. I highly recommend SpiderMount."

    Michael Onett,

    "SpiderMount job wrapping solution gave us an SEO boost. Their support team is easy to work with, responsive, and available."

    Kevin Lustgarten,


    SpiderMount team has done such a fantastic job. Job wrapping powers a number of our sites."

    Craig Bines,

    Rengineering Jobs


Job wrapping benefits

Automatic job posting for Employers

Job boards save customers time by offering automatic job posting. Job wrapping updates jobs daily: removing expired job listings, editing existing ones, and adding new jobs.

Jobs content quality is improved

Job wrapping service offers intelligent tools for improving original vacancy data: adding required categories, converting HTML format, filtering jobs by keywords, cleaning unwanted content, replacing recruiter contacts.

Improved Job Board SEO

Job boards benefit from additional relevant vacancy content and regular updates indexed by Search Engines. Optimized jobs help job board improve Google rankings.

Simple and quick integration

Normally there are no required technology updates. Depending upon capability of current job board, jobs can either be supplied via XML to ftp or download link, or they can be pushed via API.

Download white paper "Job wrapping benefits for job boards"

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