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JobsIndex can be used by any company working with jobs data. Our technical experts will help to create a tailored feed of fresh jobs matching your specific criteria.

Job Boards

Supplement your content with high-quality jobs tailored to your visitors’ needs, receive more traffic and registrations on your site. Create a better candidate experience on your job board by mixing relevant organic jobs with paid feeds.

Recruitment Agencies

Help your sales team to unlock new business opportunities and get valuable insights on the labor market by receiving the freshest updates on new jobs in your niche. Analyse competitors.

Other firms

Use job feeds for competitive intelligence, analytics, public relations and candidate sourcing. Analyse job trends, get salary breakdown, and much more.

Why choose JobsIndex?

Aspen Technology Labs Inc. builds and maintains one of the largest sources of job market data, including millions of jobs, updated daily, from firms across all industries.

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JobsIndex jobs/employers are automatically monitored using our web scraping tech tools, and any issues are investigated and resolved as soon as possible by our QA team of engineers to keep the jobs database current.

  • Complex Filtering (e.g. search by titles/keywords/locations/post date, etc.)
  • Customized job feeds based on customer-specific taxonomies, rules etc.
  • Exclude specific employers, titles, locations, etc.
  • Add/exclude fields, or separate data into different fields, etc.
  • Add salary and/or contact parser
  • Map fields in the feed to your categories
  • Add job statuses: OLD/NEW (or others) to help you ingest only new jobs into your system if required
  • Various delivery options: XML, CSV, JSON, to FTP server, Amazon S3 Bucket, etc.
  • De-duplication of job postings
  • Mix your paid feeds with our organic jobs, and de-duplicate them
  • Add UTM tracking or change application links
  • Enhancement engine is applied to categorize, geocode, validate and format the jobs data to fit your specific needs.
  • Configurable search segments (boolean search powered)
  • Reports and analytics

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