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How College Recruiter Expanded its Reach with Aspen Tech Labs

The online job advertising space has grown much more saturated and competitive since Indeed was founded back in 2004. And with a job market that, despite recent layoffs, still offers 1.5 jobs for every unemployed worker, commanding job seekers’ attention is historically difficult.

Just ask College Recruiter CEO Faith Rothberg. With more than 25 years in the job board space, she’s qualified to speak on the evolving landscape and why working with a job scraping firm is a crucial step to growing your job board’s customer base.

Here’s how she and the rest of the College Recruiter team found Aspen Tech Labs and how they leverage our job scraping technology to connect recent college graduates with fulfilling careers.

The Issue: Tech Limitations Made it Hard to Grow

Prior to Aspen Tech Labs, College Recruiter worked only with employers who shared XML feeds because the job board didn’t have the technology to scrape customers’ sites. This meant employers that wanted to post job listings on College Recruiter needed to use advertising agencies as middlemen to format their available jobs into a feed.

Though complicated, this was a functional process for smaller customers. But as College Recruiter’s brand grew, larger employers approached Faith and her team directly, without advertising agencies. And these employers needed College Recruiter to pull jobs straight from their Applicant Tracking Systems.

Scaling jobs content has also enabled Faith and her team to leverage another tool for driving traffic to client listings: programmatic CPC campaigns. By having all their customers’ jobs updated daily, College Recruiter is able to launch CPC advertising campaigns to drive traffic.  These campaigns help ensure as many recent graduates as possible can see College Recruiter’s job listings

To meet that demand and grow the College Recruiter brand, Faith and other key stakeholders decided they needed to improve their site’s backend functionalities. The way to do that? Partner with a reputable firm and outsource web scraping duties.

The College Recruiter team assembled a list of must-haves for their future partner:

  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Demonstrate experience in the job scraping industry.
  • Feature a suite of products (scraping, organic backfilling, etc.).

This checklist pointed Faith and the rest of the College Recruiter team right to Aspen Tech Labs. Faith had actually engaged with Aspen Tech Labs to discuss our job board software (JobMount) years earlier. So we were top of mind when it came time to grow College Recruiter’s site.

The Solution: Partner with an Experienced Jobs Powerhouse

Partnering with Aspen Tech Labs enabled College Recruiter to quickly meet the needs of a growing customer base. There are two key reasons why:

  1. College Recruiter could now add more jobs content to its site, thanks to ATS integrations and comprehensive scraping capabilities.
  2. College Recruiter could now update listings more quickly, thanks to continuous scraping and monitoring. With CPC advertising activated, it is vitally important to keep job postings current.

These additional capabilities mean that customers can now drive more traffic to their site and fill vacancies faster. And when the average hiring process lasts 36 days, that increased exposure quickly translates to savings for employers who need to advertise a position and direct additional work hours to the hiring process.

For candidates, continuous job scraping creates an influx of relevant, up-to-date opportunities. Not just that, but features like job tagging and direct application links make it easier for young professionals to find appropriate jobs and apply for them on the College Recruiter site.

For a company that was founded on the belief that “every college student and college graduate deserves a great career,” these new functionalities help ensure more young professionals can find fulfilling career opportunities.

The Result: Steady Growth Powered by Tech Expertise and Top-Tier Customer Service

Working with Aspen Tech Labs has helped College Recruiter unlock its potential. Today, the site is global and offers millions of entry-level jobs – and the user experience has never been better

Faith notes that the company’s incredible growth would not have been possible without Aspen Tech Labs’ customer service team:

“Plenty of customer service teams are friendly. Plenty possess technical know-how. But Aspen Tech Labs’ customer service function covers every base.”

What’s Next for College Recruiter: Going International

Soon, College Recruiter will expand its campaigns to the international stage, sourcing and advertising jobs in 15 English-speaking countries within the next six months.

Aspen Tech Labs’ job scraping and data reporting will help every step of the way – by ensuring recent college graduates around the globe can find relevant and updated opportunities to launch their careers.

If you’re interested in learning more about Aspen Tech Labs’ scraping services – or want to step up your job board’s presence online – reach out. We even offer month-long free trials!

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