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Mapping Tool


Using Mapping tool you can see/update mapping of incoming data (source) and your required IDs or values (target data). Once there are new values that require mapping you will see the following icon near a scrape, that has new non-mapped values:

Using Mapping tool

List of dictionaries

To map new values click the mapping icon near a scrape or on the left-hand navigation panel to see the list of dictionaries and details about the number of new and existing values:


Mapping page

And after opening dictionary mapping page there are two sections : the yellow one is for the new non-mapped values and the green one is for the existing mappings:


Map source values to target values

Click   button to map new values and search by name e.g. “Work from home” or by ID e.g. 5430.

source values

Note that you can map each source value to one or more target values.

Also, you can search by keywords across all new values, tick similar values, and map them in bulk:


Apply new mapping

Once mapping of new values is done it’s important to re-process related scrapes.

“Require mapping” icon will turn to “Restart required” icon and you can restart selected scrapes from the scraping dashboard with the Apply new mapping button

Apply new mapping

Or you can restart all scrapes that have new mapping values and require update from the mapping list page:

new mapping values and require update