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SpiderMount integrates a job taxonomy service

Most of the modern job boards are benefiting from job wrapping or spidering services. However, they still encounter an issue with extracting correct industry category for the vacancies posted by employers. SpiderMount introduces new service to resolve the problem for automated job scraping – job taxonomy.

Job Taxonomy is automated industry/category recognition with the mapping based on available job data, i.e. job title. Online service analyses jobs’ content and defines relevant industry category data.

There are two options available to integrate service into your current solution or service:

Option 1: Job Taxonomy API

Job boards, ATSes, online recruitment services can send jobs XML data to JobTaxonomy API and obtain Industry category IDs mapped to jobs.


Option 2: Bundle With Job Wrapping service

Job spidering service in combination with JobTaxonomy scrapes jobs from employers’ websites lacking Industry Category listings and automatically defines relevant job industry sector/category with further update in the scraped data.


For more information: generic and custom job taxonomy.

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