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Why Now Is the Time to Increase Organic Listings on Your Job Board

According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), open positions now outnumber unemployed workers. The kicker: since the BLS started tracking this in 2005, the disparity has never been greater.

To attract talent in this market, employers are investing more into benefits like work flexibility and sign-on bonuses, but many are still struggling to find qualified applicants.

This, of course, is where job boards come in. And to make sure you’re able to deliver for customers when they need you most, you’ve got to include organic listings on your site. Here’s why.

The Value of Organic Listings

Using organic job listings accomplishes two things:

  1. It drives more traffic.
  2. It improves the user experience.

Let’s look at how.

There are 200,000 monthly searches for the term “jobs at Walmart.” For “jobs at Google,” 300,000. And there are 1.8M monthly searches for “jobs at Amazon.” 

That’s a lot of traffic. You can drive some of it to your job board by scraping these companies’ career pages and displaying their listings on your site.

This makes for a much better UX. Job seekers don’t want to use a job board that feels empty; they’ll leave. Supplementing your job board with organic listings solves this issue.

When you require visitors to register to view jobs, you can translate the increased traffic from organic listings to increased visibility for your customers’ listings.

There’s another, indirect benefit from increasing the organic listings on your site: credibility. Say a prospective customer is looking for a job board to use. They notice your site contains listings from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. One possible takeaway? These giants are your customers.

Listings from these companies signal prestige and trust, motivating employers to contract you.

To Compete in Today’s Job Market Job Boards Need Organic Listings

Twenty million people resigned during the second half of 2021. The US has nearly 51 percent more open positions now than it did before the pandemic.

Translation: this is a job seeker’s market.

But job search traffic doesn’t just come from unemployed workers. Nearly 60 percent of employed Americans are considering leaving their job, meaning the amount of traffic job boards stand to capture is considerable. 

Again, organic listings will help. They’re your greatest asset in driving traffic from both serious and casual job seekers to your job board – essential for delivering the leads and applicants your customers need.

How to Secure Organic Listings for Your Job Board

There are two primary ways you can add organic job listings to your job board. 

The first is additional web scraping. The downside? Doing it in house is inefficient and costly. It takes hours of additional configuration and monitoring, pulling your developers off other tasks that require their skills.

Remember, you’re not just setting up and monitoring these scrapes for a week. Web scraping represents a continual investment. To format these jobs cleanly and keep them updated, your developers must spend significant portions of each week maintaining them.

The second way to secure organic listings is through our JobsIndex tool, which provides more than six million available job listings. Job boards can access all six million or select sections sorted by…

  • Industry.
  • Location.
  • Title.
  • Employer.

JobsIndex also provides daily updates to job content, which helps prevent applicants from experiencing 404 errors, for example. Daily updates also help eliminate duplicate listings or incorrect formatting, both of which can hurt your credibility.

Perhaps most important, though, is the time this tool can save your team. Hiring more developers to handle your web scraping workload thins your bottom line, and it still doesn’t guarantee that mistakes won’t happen.

In this labor market, you can’t compromise with your job board experience. When a majority of job searches occur online – 60 percent of them with job boards – providing updated content with clean formatting is the bare minimum.

Even Outside a Competitive Labor Market, Organic Job Listings Set Your Job Board Apart

It’s critical to maximize the value of your job board with organic listings in this labor market. But organic job listings improve your site’s UX in any job climate; they provide users with a wealth of jobs content, drive traffic to your job board, and boost your bottom line. 

Populating and formatting organic listings is tedious, expensive work – so don’t do it. Get in touch with us to receive more comprehensive job scrapes and have your listings maintained at a fraction of the price.

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