High Precision Job Scraping

High Precision Job Wrapping  

Professional job wrapping service for accurate job posting. 

Intelligent job scraping monitoring. Job wrapping features.


About Us

Job wrapping is provided by SpiderMount, a spidering service division of Aspen Technology Labs (www.aspentechlabs.com). Aspen Technology Labs is an online recruitment solutions provider since 2002.  

Job wrapping service is offered since 2009 and is serving a number of demanding customers in USA, UK, Australia and globally.

Companies using our job wrapping service:


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Job Wrapping For Job Boards White Paper 

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Job distribution / bulk posting to job boards via job wrapping service

SpiderMount powers job distribution from ATS listing, XML/CSV file or job board listing by providing...

Replicate jobs to post to multiple locations and categories

SpiderMount can duplicate any vacancy and post multiple jobs altering selected field, i.e. location,...

Properties data scraping with SpiderMount software

Data wrapping service by SpiderMount is a web based data scraping tool, which has a variety of busin...

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