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Aspen Tech Labs becomes AWS Data Exchange provider

Aspen Tech Labs, a leader in recruitment technology and data management solutions, has recently joined AWS Data Exchange as a trusted data provider. AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find the right data set and subscribe to it. 

Aspen Tech Labs collects jobs data with the help of our proprietary scraping technology and maintains one of the largest sources of organic jobs data called Jobsindex. We provide high quality jobs data sets in many countries across Europe, Asia, UK, and US. These are organic jobs, linking directly back to the ATS or companies’ career pages. All jobs data is updated daily, and is automatically monitored using our tech tools. 

Our customers, typically job boards or advertising platforms, use these fresh, organic jobs to supplement their jobs content, creating a better candidate experience and driving more candidates to their websites. Jobs data can be filtered out by location and keywords. It can be delivered in various formats – standard XML, JSON, CSV, and others. The jobs data can also be used for business intelligence, for instance helping recruitment firms to stay informed of new jobs posted by their customers or prospective clients.

We also provide auto, property, financial services, retail and other publicly available data. 

Click here to check Aspen Tech Labs datasets available on AWS Data Exchange or contact us at inquiry@webspidermount.com to learn more and request a jobs data sample as a part of a free 1-month trial. 

About Aspen Tech Labs: 

Aspen Tech Labs is a global leader in web data management services and recruitment technology solutions since 2008. We provide technology, tools, web scraping, data, business intelligence and analytics for recruitment technology & advertising, auto & property marketplaces, financial services, healthcare and retail. Our proprietary web scraping service/technology helps firms to collect, parse, clean, manage and analyze critical data. We also help job boards, job aggregators, recruitment advertisers, job distribution firms, applicant tracking software firms, and corporations to maximize their online recruitment activities. We currently scrape 26,000 sites globally. 

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