Client job posting API

WebSpiderMount introduces a new API that allows clients to upload jobs into our system for further processing by our spider software.

If you do not have an XML or RSS file with your job postings, don’t want us to scrape your career site, ATS systems or job boards directly, and if you do not use FTP servers  or don’t have any other way of allowing us access your jobs – this would be the perfect choice for you!

If you have some unique jobs that are not displayed on your site and cannot be scraped but want them formatted in a specific way – we can give you access to the API, so you can upload them into the system.

Once our team receives these jobs via the API, we further process them according to your requirements.

We will parse and enhance the jobs in the required format, apply filters if needed and give you a resulting XML/JSON/other file with all jobs, post them to your site or distribute jobs further, handling job postings and expiration with up to realtime speeds.

For more information, please contact your WebSpiderMount manager.

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