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Automatic job posting to WordPress website via WPAllImport

SpiderMount scraped jobs output can be automatically posted to WordPress based websites / job boards via WPAllImport service (http://www.wpallimport.com).

WordPress-based job board owners can have their clients jobs scraped by SpiderMount job wrapping service and auto-posted to their website databases via WPAllImport:

SpiderMount will scrape jobs from single or multiple employer sites and provide a single jobs XML containing all employers jobs. Jobs XML can then be downloaded by WPAllImport tool and posted to WordPress database. One can test upload the file manually or organize fully automated daily update.

WordPress website configurations required:
WordPress website will require WPAllImport plugin installed in order to be able to import jobs from XML file. Any WPallimport service subscription will suffice to organize automatic jobs import from SpiderMount jobs XML file.


Setting your website for daily jobs update:

Daily or custom scheduled processing is to be activated via “cron jobs” so that server tasks scheduler regularly launches wpallimport script.

Contact SpiderMount for more details on job posting to WordPress-based website.

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