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Confidence in automated job posting

Job wrapping customers can be confident that all jobs are posted correctly. Sophisticated reporting and dedicated support service proactively resolve any scraping or posting problems.

Job wrapping monitoring system audits source employer sites for following types of problems:

  • employer career site updated vacancy  page design or HTML
  • new job fields are added, some fields are removed
  • additional listing items are added and cannot be matched with recipient job board listings
  • career site or ATS URL is down or returns errors
  • job listings are migrated to new ATS or career site platform
  • the number of jobs reduced
  • job wrapping cannot connect to job board API to post jobs


Professional job wrapping service

SpiderMount job wrapping solution is constantly evolving to resolve complex scraping and content conversion issues.


Simple Integration and Synchronization options

SpiderMount high precision job wrapping is offered as full service. There are no required technology updates. Depending upon a capability of the current job board, jobs content can either be supplied via XML to FTP or download link, or it can be automatically pushed to your job board system bulk posting API.

Job spider software synchronizes jobs by posting new ones, deleting expired jobs and replacing updated job postings. Jobs are normally mirrored daily.

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