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Financial Spider Mount

Time-sensitive data has always been a competitive advantage in the financial services industry because well-considered investment decisions require accurate and timely data and analytics. Finance data consists of petabytes (lots and lots) of structured and unstructured data that, if collected and delivered properly, allows analysts, traders and portfolio managers to create actionable insights and strategies for banks and financial institutions.


Financial Spider Mount


FinancialSpiderMount has developed proprietary automation tools to gather, process, analyze and deliver financial data to your schedule. And, unlike other products and services, it is highly customizable so financial firms can receive the exact data they require. It is ideal for equity and debt research analysis, foreign exchange, stock, bond, currency, and commodity trading, portfolio management, venture capital investment, hedge funds, asset management, insurance, risk management, etc.

Get the financial services data you need, in your format, to your schedule.



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