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High precision job wrapping service

SpiderMount sets a new quality standard for job spidering service. Job sites, e-recruitment businesses, software & advertising agencies enjoy professional and accurate job content extraction, comprehensive jobs coverage, scraping process monitoring and seamless issues resolution.

Confidence in jobs posting
Job spidering customers are freed from daily verification if all jobs are correctly posted. Sophisticated reports and dedicated support service proactively resolve any scraping or posting problems.

High quality of jobs content
SpiderMount job wrapping offers intelligent tools for improving original vacancy data: converting HTML format into text, filtering jobs by keywords, and cleaning unwanted content, replacing contacts. Taxonomy service will map relevant titles or industry categories based on jobs content.

Simple integration
SpiderMount job spidering integrates easily with job boards, ATSes, career centers, other software vendors, social networks and mobile apps to deliver and maintain up-to-date jobs database.

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