Jobs via job wrapping vs. aggregators

Job board businesses get jobs supplied via Job Wrapping vs aggregator feeds: scraped content becomes part of a database and serves SEO, full job data is available for job seekers, applicants stay with a job board instead of getting redirected to a feed owner site.

No applicants are lost 

Aggregator feed leads job seekers away from a job board. Job board is not just losing an applicant, but any application performance data that can be used to sell to Employer. Job wrapping supplies full jobs data that becomes an authentic part of job board database. So job board obtains applicant resume, keeps applicant within own website, employer recognizes job board as a source of the application.

Improved SEO: more of regularly updated content

Job boards benefit from both relevant content amount increase and regular updates. Jobs are updated daily keeping job board vacancy data fresh and attractive to search engines.

Employer upsell: automatic job posting

Job boards can save customers time by offering automatic job posting. Job wrapping service will update jobs daily: remove expired job listings, add new jobs.

High quality of jobs content

SpiderMount job wrapping offers intelligent tools for improving original vacancy data: converting HTML format into text, filtering jobs by keywords, and cleaning unwanted content, replacing recruiter contacts. Taxonomy service will map relevant titles or industry categories based on jobs content.

Full automation and confidence in jobs posting

Job spidering customers are freed from daily verification if all jobs are correctly posted. Sophisticated reports and dedicated support service proactively resolve any scraping or posting problems.

Zero cost integration

Job boards can start using SpiderMount without technology updates or additional investment.

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