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Replicate jobs to post to multiple locations and categories

WebSpiderMount can duplicate any vacancy and post multiple jobs altering selected field, i.e. location, job type etc. Therefore one does not have to copy jobs manually and change fields. Spider generates multiple jobs by adding extra locations or other data to original single job content.

Job boards and aggregators requiring the same job to be posted separately to appear in candidate search for each specific location benefit from spider replication tool. Job scraping software will replicate original job content adding relevant location and post it to the job aggregator. Normally this feature is used by job boards and aggregators that do not support multiple searchable location selection for one vacancy.

For example, an employer has a developer opening in London and a list of new job titles and locations where the opening is available as well. WebSpiderMount saves employer’s time by simply duplicating vacancy and altering title and location field. Afterward, spider will post number of openings to job distribution platform.

job replication feature by job scraping software

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