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Why Our Customers Use JobsIndex vs. Taking Paid Job Feeds from Aggregators

There are two main ways to significantly increase the content on your job board as you build out your direct customer relationships: paid feeds and organic jobs. While job boards frequently rely on paid feeds from aggregators to boost revenue in the short term, these paid listings can lower the quality of content on your board and redirect applicants away from your site.

Here are three reasons why our customers pay for organic jobs from our JobsIndex instead.

1. Tailored Jobs Content

One clear differentiator between paid feeds and JobsIndex is specificity. JobsIndex delivers jobs that meet the criteria each job board lays out for us. We do that in two ways:

  1. Supplying relevant listings: For example, a job board requesting engineering jobs in Chicago won’t receive warehouse jobs in Springfield.
  2. Delivering listings in any data exchange format a job board wants: XML, CSV, JSON, etc.

The same functionality that enables us to tailor the jobs we send also contributes to a stronger user experience for your job board.

2. Better Visitor UX

You could have the most sought-after jobs on the market, but if you have a clunky job board user experience, candidates will leave your site.

JobsIndex improves the user experience of customers’ job boards in four distinct ways: 

  1. Attaching direct application links to each listing. This sends candidates straight to the employer’s site – not another job board – which saves applicants time and eliminates the headache of registering with multiple job boards to apply for one position. 
  2. Delivering complex filtering. Our sophisticated filtering and delivery enables candidates to easily identify jobs by titles, locations, post date, and keyword. Paid feeds don’t deliver that level of functionality. In fact, many job boards that aggregate paid feeds approach us to perform filtering for them.
  3. Updating listings daily. JobsIndex currently contains more than eight million jobs. By monitoring it each day, we ensure candidates are applying to current job listings, which limits 404 errors that prevents users from applying to filled openings.
  4. Filling in jobs data, like salary, with various parsers. This further equips applicants with valuable insights about the position (pay, location, job status).

A strong visitor user experience is a key component of keeping users on your job board, and with so many people searching for jobs online – 60 percent on job boards – it’s also a baseline expectation.

3. Keep Job Seekers on Their Site

Many niche job boards use paid feeds to monetize the traffic they get. But the short-term gains can hurt long-term earnings. Why? Paid feeds direct applicants from your site to other job boards.

Often, those job boards are large, sophisticated entities with extensive marketing operations, meaning they can easily poach and later cultivate your applicants. Using JobsIndex helps attract applicants with organic jobs content, letting you scale your business while keeping users on your site. 

Bear in mind, this content doesn’t just keep job seekers on job boards. The information we provide helps you easily optimize your listings for Google for Jobs, which also helps attract users to your site.

Don’t Sell Your Applicants for Pennies

The appeal of paid feeds is clear: they can net you short-term earnings. But paid feeds also redirect your users to larger job boards for a fraction of applicants’ value. When you use paid feeds, you’re effectively selling your applicants for pennies. The aggregators use paid feeds to buy your candidates to become their registrants, who they subsequently hammer with job alerts, essentially taking that applicant away from your direct customer forever.

Customers use JobsIndex because it provides millions of clean, updated job listings that drive traffic to their site. If you’re looking to increase the number of clean, updated listings on your board, reach out for a demo or free trial of our JobsIndex.

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