XML vs API delivery methods comparison

One of the questions we are often being asked – which method of delivery is better?

XML is used to describe data and is the most flexible way to create information formats and share structured data online. On the other hand, API is a set of functions and procedures that allow one application to access features of other applications. If put it simple: APIs are a set of structures that enable two separate software to communicate quickly, smoothly and more efficiently between each other.

Let’s look into pros and cons of each delivery method in terms of job scraping services.



  • posted/deleted jobs are handled by its presence/absence in the feed or by special status tags
  • fast and efficient way to bulk import moderate number of jobs
  • only new/deleted job updates can be provided for large feeds or real-time processing
  • full control over the import process and schedule
  • push events with notifications are possible, indicating jobs are ready to download


  • the recipient should identify which job to roll / expire / delete themselves on their side
  • the sender can’t track if the feed was processed and if there are import errors



  • job ID and status can be tracked by API response status
  • possibility to send only new jobs / updates – recommended for large job feeds
  • allows the sender to initiate job posting once changes appear – recommended for real-time posting


  • usually slower than XML import, each request takes time to connect and generate/parse data
  • if the recipient does not have a respective API interface for job posting – additional development could be required to create it.

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