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Job Scraping vs. Organic Job Feeds: Which Is the Right Jobs Data Solution for You?

One question we hear a lot from current and potential customers is: “What’s the difference between JobsIndex (organic job feed) and WebSpiderMount (your job scraping service)?” It’s a great question. We’ve written about WebSpiderMount (job scraping) and our JobsIndex, but we’ve never compared the two in the same post – or shared common reasons people may use one or the other. And there are lots of them.

For instance, a niche job board will likely need something different than a job board with more than a million listings. But there’s no one service that’s “better.” WebSpiderMount has its unique benefits. As does JobsIndex. In this piece, we’ll spell out those benefits and share 10 unique use cases to illustrate the strengths of both products and when it makes the most sense to use them.



[*Links in image: JobsIndex and job scraping ensure job board visitors will have a simple application process; Our job scraping and JobsIndex include tools like jobs taxonomy; Provides you a feed of organic jobs based on the criteria you offer; If you want to fuel research or business intelligence efforts, we suggest you check out Job Market Pulse]


Still not sure whether JobsIndex or job scraping makes the most sense for your needs? We’re happy to speak with you and offer additional insights. We want to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need when you need it. That’s also why we assign each customer a dedicated account manager, because…

Your Jobs Data Needs Will Likely Change Over Time

If there’s a distinction between WebSpiderMount and JobsIndex, it’s this: JobsIndex offers a feed of various employers’ listings, but doesn’t promise which employers you could see or that every listing from an employer will appear in your feed. WebSpiderMount lets you pick the employer. This service ensures, via monitoring and customer support, that every listing ordered is being collected and delivered.

That’s why, if you have a relationship with an employer that pays to advertise listings on your job board, webspidermount/job scraping is the way to go. WebSpiderMount ensures every listing from that employer is monitored and included on your job board. There’s nothing left to chance.

But if you eventually decide to grow and include more tech roles from across the US on your job board, you might add our JobsIndex. With it, you can get a curated feed of tech roles from hundreds of companies. JobsIndex offers the volume needed to scale your job listings, at a fraction of the cost it would take to scrape all those employers’ sites.

Want to see what a JobsIndex feed looks like or discuss job scraping options? Request a demo. Interested in jobs data for something other than your job board? Check out our Job Market Today page for more information – or reach out to us here.


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